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Kiteboarding (AKA kitesurfing) is a relatively young sport (circa 1990) combining wind and water. Cape Cod's consistent winds and copious coastline make it an ideal place to learn and develop your kite-handling skills. Kiting is actually one of the fastest-growing watersports in the US with dedicated communities springing up everywhere from Alaska to Florida.

The board itself is very much like a wakeboard, complete with foot straps or bindings. The kiteboarder controls the kite (similar to a parafoil) with a harness/handle connected by nylon lines. The board (and rider) are thus pulled by the kite over open water rather quickly. The greatest challenge is mastering control of both the kite in the air and the board on the water.

Fun Seekers' trained instructors have the knowledge and patience to safely help you negotiate the steep learning curve of this exciting sport. Kiteboarding lessons are a real commitment. Most students require a minumum of 3 - 6 hours before getting up on the board.

All our expert instructors are level 2 certified through the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization).

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